Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Emergency Sadness Kit

The Emergency Sadness Kit

Sometimes we all have moments when we need a little break and time to ourselves. Whether you've had a bad day at work, a hiccup in a relationship or you've just run out of steam; we all need to look after ourselves.

Enter the Emergency Sadness Kit! Full of yummy, scrummy and lovely things; it's got everything you need for a good night in of pampering and relaxation.

What's In The Box

The Emergency Sadness Kit

iPod/music. A lovely bath bomb. A relaxing bath bomb. The comfiest clothes you own. Your favourite movie. Your favourite drink. A pretty nail polish. Something snugly like a pet of you most special stuffed toy. A big ol' box o' tissues. Your favourite books and magazines. A few delicious smelling candles. Lavender oil. Your favourite games or puzzles.

What To Do

The Emergency Sadness Kit

Here's what I do when I'm going all out, either for a pamper night or for when I need to cheer up a bit. 

1. Stick your iPod on and go for a walk. The exercise is good for you, the music can cheer you up and getting out in the fresh air will actually help you sleep so you won't lie awake stressing.

2. Get everything ready. Firstly make sure everything you need to do for the morning/tomorrow is done and get it out of the way. Then get everything you need for the evening together. You won't have to stop and start relaxing every time you can't find something.

3. Have a lovely relaxing bath with your favourite bath bomb or bubble bath. Then put on a face mask and do your skincare routine. I always find that feeling lovely and clean with a freshly moisturised face helps me relax.

4. Put on mega comfy clothes. Whether that's pyjamas, joggers or a onesie just be as comfortable as possible. (I personally like to pull on my favourite band t shirts)

5. Get your favourite food and drinks. At the moment I go with hot chocolate or this incredibly relaxing clippers tea. Food wise, go with whatever you love, whether healthy, unhealthy or just plain weird.

6. Whack out the fairy lights/scented candles, snuggle up with your favourite blanket and pillows.

7. Now stick on your favourite movies read your book, play a game do a puzzle, text someone lovely and generally just chill out and try to stay relaxed.

Take as much or as little from this kit as you like. Maybe you want to mix and match or go for the full on indulgent evening.

Do you like my little "kit"? Is there anything you would add? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Love Sorcha

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  1. Just found your blog on twitter and this is just such a nice post - I think I might be making a chill kit of my own very soon x