Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Goodbye Sun, Hello cold!

Goodbye Sun, Hello cold!

Today I went for a nice wander around Birmingham. I managed to wear my standard summer outfit (leggings and denim jacket); I was warm enough but by the evening I was a tad chilly and to be honest I'm not sure I'll be donning that outfit again this year. It might just officially be autumn. And I for one am very happy about that. 

I understand why people miss the summer, I definitely do even if heat does exacerbate my anxieties and cause all sorts of issues. The cooler weather is easier for me to deal with but ice under foot is my worst enemy.

People often get the blues around this time of year but in an effort to think positive, it's time to look on the bright side....

I won't miss:

1. Heat you can't get away from
2. Needing Fancy toe nails
3. Holiday envy
4. Feeling bad when you're inside on a sunny day
5. sunburn
6. sweating buckets

I'm looking forward to:

1. Roaring fires
2. Wrapping up warm
3. Winter walks
4. Pretty colours
5 .Halloween, My birthday and Christmas
6. The Rugby World Cup!
7. Holiday movies
8. All the chocolate, sweets and indulgent foods!
9. Boots
10. Getting soaked on a walk then putting on warm dry clothes (this might just be me)

I hope you enjoyed this little post. What's your favourite thing about the colder months? And what won't you miss from summer? Let me know in the comments.

Goodbye sun, Hello Cold! Thanks for reading!

Love Sorcha


  1. I love this "fancy toenails" - AMEN! I'm excited for baths. Lots of baths!! xx


    1. I'm terrible at painting my toenails!!! And yes the winter does call for a lot more bath bombs :)

  2. This is kind of the opposite for me because in Australia we're actually coming out of winter and heading more toward the warm weather! So for me I'm excited about not having to wear 700 layers every day just to stay warm, but I'll miss the cosiness of staying indoors with a warm drink while it's raining outside!


    1. I would love to go to Australia! how cold does it actually get in the winter? or is it still kinda warm compared to our winters? x

  3. I completely agree with no.10 - I love getting rained on during a walk and then putting on a warm fluffy dressing gown and sitting by the fire when I get home! x

    Under Blue Lights