Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Before And After: Mirror Renovation

For my birthday in December, my mum gave me this mirror from a charity shop. It was in great condition but I wanted to make it a little prettier.

I started by taping off the mirror section so it wouldn't get damaged and taking out all the hinges and screws. Then I sanded down the whole thing so that I could paint it.

Trying to keep track of where everything went (turns out this was wrong, but still a good idea).

I gave each part two layers of white primer and two layers of white paint, sanding each down in between the layers. Once the paint was completely dry, I sanded down the front rim of the mirror sections so I could paint them gold. The gold paint was a bit strange as you had to apply it quite thickly. On the first one I tried to tape off the section I was painting, but this actually made things messier so I had to do the others free hand, but luckily I managed to correct any errors I'd made with a Q-tip. After all this had dried, I reattached all the hinges and I was done!

I'm really pleased with the results; although if I'm being really picky, there are a few untidy bits, but it was my first go!

Do you know any better ways of doing this type of DIY? Got any tips? 

Love Sorcha


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  1. Sorcha I love it!! You should get more things and do them up :) we could hunt some down one weekend xx