Thursday, 21 January 2016

Upcoming Challenges (A.K.A Aaaggh!!)

Upcoming Challenges (A.K.A Aaaggh!!)


I'd like to start off by saying thank you for the amazing response I got on my last anxiety post. I'm so happy that people liked it and I hope I can continue the good work.
So here it is, my first personal post about anxiety!

In the upcoming weeks and months I have a few hurdles to get over which are very stressful for me. I will be talking about them more but I wanted to do this post so that people could see where I was at and what sorts of things pose problems for me.

Finding A New Job

This is stressful for everyone I know, but my anxieties make it even harder. I was really lucky with my last job they let me come back after I had to take time off and they've helped  me get over my anxieties. However my last job was in our local village shop so the people I worked for were neighbours and friends so they already knew me; Obviously when getting a bigger job, in one of the local towns, the people, the setting and the skills will all be new which for me is scarier than sky diving.

Going To Yoga And The Gym

For years I've struggled with going to classes or groups or doing things in social situations. At the moment I'm still pushing myself to just get out and walk and when I get hot or out of breathe it's easy for me to start panicking. I worry about classes as I don't like situations where I can't leave without it seeming strange or rude. But I'd really like to get fit for my health and appearance but also for my confidence. Plus gazillions of people recommend getting fit to help with anxiety.

Working On My Food Issues

Food is something that has caused me a lot of stress and it's been going on for as long as I can remember so it's a pretty big issue to deal with. However I would really like to eat better, not only will it help with my skin and general health but it will make eating out or going on holiday less stressful and easier to do in the future.

Staying With My Sister And 5SOS Concert

So a while back, in what was quite possibly a moment of madness I bought two 5 Seconds Of Summer tickets. I asked my sister if she would go with me and as she lives near Birmingham so she very kindly invited me to stay at her house and go shopping the next day.

 So I'm anxious about staying with my sister because I'll be away from home where I have tons of things to help with freak outs and even though my sister is great with helping me I'm more used to my mum. The concert itself will have a lot people, there will be big crowds and the fact that I've spent money on it adds just a little bit of pressure to not waste it. Now public places are difficult for me; I worry about getting sick, freaking out or crying in public. But I've been to Birmingham shopping before so I'm prepared for that bit.

Taking My Driving Tests

Last time I took a test/exam I was one of those people that did their exams on their own in a special room where the invigilator can't judge you if you cry the whole time. A driving test on the other hand is just you in a car, with a test guy, trying not to kill anyone. I'm anxious about this one for all the obvious reasons so if you've got any tips or advice I would LOVE to hear them

In later posts I will be looking at each of these individually and showing you how I work on things to become less anxious or get myself out there. I'll let you know how I do with each. 

I hope this hasn't been a depressing post. I want to show you guys as much of my journey as I can so this post was to give you an idea of how things are going at this point. At a later date, we'll all be able to look back and hopefully see how things can improve. If any of these things make you anxious, maybe we can help each other out and maybe some things I do will help you too.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

lots of love,

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