Sunday, 3 January 2016

Goals 2016

New year. New blog. I haven't been very active on my blog lately and my last post was a little bit different; but I'm hoping that will change in 2016. I'm trying to set myself goals which I already intend to do as that way I'm more likely to succeed and feel encouraged; I want to set myself goals that I can work on when I want to and that I can tell if I've succeeded at.


Relaunch my blog - I'm going for something a little more different and a little more personal
Actually post - I'm going to start of slow to avoid burn out and hopefully find my feet.
Start a YouTube - maybe, possibly. I've always wanted to, maybe this year I will.
Take better/more photos - I want to improve my skills but I also need to take more during the week for my diary posts/Instagram.


I have to get a job - More on why that's such a big deal in a later post but for now just internal screaming.
Read - I used to read a lot and  definitely miss it; I also know that reading helps your writing so fingers crossed.
Exercise - I don't do nearly enough and so many people say that it helps so many aspects of life, I think it's worth a go.
Learn to use my SLR - There's no point having it if I don't use and that's that.

I found this fun New Years Resolution printable by Secret Owl Society. It's great if you're looking for some inspiration or a way to organise your goals.

What are your goals or resolutions for the new year? Do you have any tips on how to get them done? Let me know in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading!

Love Sorcha

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