Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Blog Favorites | May Posts

Blog Favorite | May Posts

This month has been full of great posts and its great to see that so many of them are full of the sunshine and summer now. So here are my favourites from this month.

The Stretch Project-30 Day Flexibility Challenge - This post came at the best time for as my legs are so stiff! Its great, even if you don't do the set challenge, it's a really easy and useful workout.

The Edit: spring/Summer Lips -  I'm awful at buying lipsticks so this is really helpful. It gives you some good brand and colour recommendations. 

Twitter Chats - What & When + Tips And Tricks -  I've been trying to up my twitter chat game recently ad this post is great. It gives you a clear timetable of the various chats and some how to tips if you're new.

5 Apps For Blog Productivity - I've already downloaded some of these apps. They're all simple and useful and really have helped with my productivity. It's really good when an app has recommendations, especially when you're going to take time to fill in a new calendar. You don't want to find out it's useless a few days later!

Foundation Favourite For Oily/Combination Skin - This post has some really good recommendations for foundations. It is so helpful, when foundation can be so expensive, for there to be some products that you have a little more confidence in when spending your money.

31 Things That Instantly Make Me Happy -  This is one of those posts which instantly makes you feel al warm and fuzzy inside. Its full of happy things and inspiration for the summer months. These are one of my favourite kinds of posts and I love it when they have new and imaginative things included, like this one!

My Top Post Of The Month

My Top Movies Of All Time - A post full of great movie recommendations  I'm also quite proud of this post; I love movies so I really like blogging about them and I was quite pleased that I got a Gif to work as a couple of the things I've been trying haven't gone so well.

Did you find any great posts this month? Have any of these been useful to you?

Thanks for reading!

Love Sorcha

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