Monday, 4 May 2015

This Week.... #6

Sooo this week is more of a this three weeks. oops! I did manage to get up to a few interesting things even though I forgot to take any pictures.

So recently...

1. I went to Black Rocks with my sister Caitlin, her boyfriend Tom and their friend Megan and her son Logan. It was a really fun day and it was nice to be out and about in the fresh air.

2. I made a pinteresty pen holder! It's very useful having all my pens, pencils and paintbrushes in one place.

3. Tumblr! I go through phases with my photo sharing sites. For a while I stuck to WeHeartIt but I have re-found my love for tumblr!

Have you done anything fun recently? Let me know in the comments

love Sorcha

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