Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Top Shops For Petites!

Sometimes, if you are a bit on the small side, it can be hard to find shops that make attractive clothes in the right sizes. I am 5ft 1.5in (yes that 0.5 of an inch matters) so as you can probably guess lots of clothes can be too big.

Here are a the shops which I know of that have petite lines or who's sizes I find run small.


Who doesn't love Asos? They have their own petite line but many of the clothes in the normal run down to a size 4. They're also a great place to discover other brands which do petite clothing as well. The prices can be anything from reasonable to expensive but you'll always find something pretty.


Topshop also has it's own petite line. Plus as it's topshop you can get many stylish and fashionable items. They are on the pricier side but especially when it comes to jeans, their quality is worth it.

Miss Selfridge

Another shop with a specific petite line! Their range of clothing isn't always so extensive but there is always something gorgeous to find. It's a bit cheaper than Topshop but the quality is still great. Also check out their shoes, they're gorgeous!

Miss Guided + BooHoo

These two definitely fall into the affordable category! Both have a petite range but it's always worth checking a regular items reviews as many of the sizes run small. 

The Kids Section

It's always worth a look. I often shop at places like Boden, as some of their clothes don't look so young. And if nothing else, you can always look for your basics in the kids section; you can look for leggings, socks (if you have small feet) and vests etc and they're cheaper due to having no VAT.

I hope you've found this post useful. If you know of any good shops for petite clothing, please let me know!

Love Sorcha

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