Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Pocket Film Guide | March 2015

One of the subjects I have always intended to blog about was film; I love films and I want to do more film related posts like reviews or recommendations. So I decided to start this month with some suggestions for what to catch at the cinema or at home in the next month. 

In Cinemas

Released: Out Now
Starring: Will Smith, Margot Robbie

Will Smith is a conman who takes Margot Robbie under his wing; they fall in love, become involved in serious crimes and generally succeed at being the smoothest people on the planet. Think "Hitch" meets "The Hustle (if you ever saw that, give it a google if not) or think a rom-com with a bit of an edge. This film is certainly stylish and who doesn't love Will Smith playing a bit of a bad boy.

The Second Best Marigold Hotel
Released:Out Now
Starring: Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith,Judi               Dench, Dev Patel, Richard Gere.

If you haven't seen the first of these movies, you must. It is easily my favourite feel good film of all time and I'm expecting nothing less from this either. Each actor brings a different element of comedy and style to the film, and while generally being light hearted and fun, the journeys the characters go on are still full of interesting turns and twists.

X + Y
Released: March 13
Starring: Asa Butterfield, Rafe Spall, Sally Hawkins, Eddie Marsan

I'm really interested in this film. It follows a young boy with autism dealing with his dad's death and looking at how he interacts with the world. Not only does this film star one of my favourite actors, but critics also say that it manages to give you a more realistic look at what autism is like than many other films. Even though the plot makes this film seem like a bit of a downer, from what I've heard it is uplifting and inspiring.

Worth A Watch

What If
Released: Out on DVD - Amazon £9.57
Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan

I only just managed to see this film and it's safe to say I loved it! The plot is actually quite gripping for a rom com and does get you thinking, unlike some rom coms, the scenarios in which are practically that of fairytales. While I wouldn't say this is a very realistic portrayal of real life it certainly feels like slightly more realistic people bumbling through life. Daniel Radcliffe is bloody brilliant in this; he was never my favourite, not even in Harry Potter, but in this he is fun, loveable and gives a brilliant performance,

Have you seen any good films lately? Is there anything at the cinema you would recommend?

Love Sorcha

P.S I've named this series 'The Pocket Film Guide" for two reasons; firstly some of you will be reading these posts on the phone in your pocket and secondly, when I was younger I was nicknamed The Pocket Film Guide by my family, I'm no expert but I do occasionally have an interesting fact to hand.

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