Thursday, 1 January 2015

Stick With It! 10 Tips To Tackle To Your Goals

We all know how hard it can be to stick to our new years resolutions so here are a few tips that I’ve found useful and hopefully so will you.

Make a list – Nothing makes achieving something better than crossing it off a list.

 Have a reward system – Give yourself something to work for; this is especially helpful when your goal won’t show immediately or is continuous. Say you manage to stick to a resolution for 2 months? Treat yourself to something pretty.

 Set small goals – By setting some one time or small goals, you will be able ti cross them off your list sooner and this feeling of achievement will encourage you when it comes to some of the more difficult goals.

 Get a friend involved – Doing things with friends is always fun, it can make your goals seem like more of a social treat and you are less likely back out if someone else is depending on you.

 Get an app - There are a few apps out there, they’re great for reminding you and help make working towards your goals easy to track. This post has some helpful suggestions:

Apps to track your habits and goals

 Commit to one month – this can make some of your goals seem less daunting and less like a major lifestyle change. Committing to one month means that if you hate it at least you tried; but it also gives you time to get into good habits or start to see the benefits of your resolution and encourage you to continue.

 Tell someone - And by someone, I mean that friend (or mother) who will always ask you the awkward questions and make you feel guilty. You’ll be encouraged to stick to your goal purely to avoid that “I told you so” look when you admit to giving up.

 Set review dates – Like right now. Go to your calendar and set a date, any date. Then every time you feel like giving up remember that in a couple of months you’ll get a reminder, that will either make you feel silly for giving up or great to still be going.

 Be realistic – Don’t set yourself goals that are pretty much impossible or such an undertaking that taking them on will change your life completely. Now while there are some exceptions, like to quit smoking, some big goals seem like such a challenge we’re reluctant to even start them.

 Break down big goals – Say your goal is to lose weight; first of all set yourself a small goal like to go for a walk 3 times a week. Ease yourself into things, then they wont seem like so much of a challenge. This also means that you are likely to see the benefits of your smaller goals more quickly which will encourage you, where as it might take a while to see much of a difference in bigger goals.

BONUS Don’t beat yourself up about it - Firstly, everyone sucks at keeping new years resolutions. Secondly, if you really want it, you’ll do it. And if not, don’t worry. Learn from it, maybe you need to break it down more. E.G. Your goal was to eat healthy and after 2 weeks of nothing but fruit and veg, smoothies and super foods, you’ve decided pizza is heaven, you could murder a KFC and why the hell was everyone raving about kale? Maybe instead you could just aim to have a piece of fruit and veg with every meal.

Do you have any goal keeping tips or tricks?

Love, Sorcha



  1. Wow, what a great link to apps that track your habits! I know I'll be downloading some of them! You've got a great post here, too. I agree with all your points, especially "be realistic". I can't tell you how many times I have set goals for myself and failed because they were just TOO much for me and my lifestyle. I only learned this "be realistic" a couple years ago, so it's still fairly new of a concept. It's good you share this to help everyone, thanks!!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  2. So glad my post helped! Thanks! :)