Sunday, 4 January 2015

23 Thoughts You Always Have Around The New Year.

Even though it’s a brand new year it’s also probably not the first time you’ve found yourself at the beginning of January; here are a few thoughts that I know go through my head every single year.

1.  No, I will not take the decorations down; we still have 4 days                       of Christmas left.
2.  Can I be bothered with sales or not?
3.  Maybe I should stock up on everything.
4.  Discounted Christmas movies 12 months early?... yup
5.  So. Many. Websites… So. Many. Sales… Must. Find. Best. Deals.
6.  What is it with resolutions anyway?
7.  Maybe I should organize everything.
8.  Ugh that’s the living room done, time for a break.
9.  50% off?! Still how much?! Ha! Forget it.
10. We still have how much winter left?!
11. it’s too early to buy summer clothes……..isn’t it?
12. What can I decorate for next?
13. I’m going to eat so healthy this year.
14. Ooo a box of maltesers! Ah well, happy tummy, happy me.
15. Agh! Why is it the one CD you really want, is always the one not   in the sale?!
16. Oh come on cold, why now?!
18. I am in no way too old to go sledging.
19. All cozy wrapped up with new movies, yum!
20. Aagh! I hate snow! I hate ice! I need heat!
21. Okay, they’ve done it. They’ve used up all the good movies.
22. Am I seriously watching twilight? I’m going to bed.
23. Kay it can be hot and sunny now.

Are there any thoughts you always have around this time of year?

Love, Sorcha


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