Saturday, 1 November 2014

Autumn walk at Chatsworth

Last weekend my mum and I went to chat worth Gardens to take a walk around all the sculptures. Some of the sculptures were very interesting where as others looked a bit like scaffolding; But the garden was full of beautiful autumn colours and even though the day was a bit dull, it was nice weather for walking around. 

Here are some photos I took around the gardens:

Here is Chatsworth House(you may recognise it from Keira Knightley's version of Pride And Prejudice) and a beautiful autumnal view through the trees.

On the left is one of the sculptures, which was actually a swarm of bees but as it was gold I decided it was a christmas decoration :P. And on the right is the rock pools.

Lots of lovely colours and it give's you and idea of how beautiful and organised the gardens as Chatsworth are.

Walking on crunchy leaves is my favourite thing about Autumn, what's your favourite thing about Autumn? 

Thanks for reading and I'll speak to you again next time.

Love, Sorcha

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