Saturday, 11 October 2014

New hair!!

 This weekend I finally did something that has both terrified me and excited me for years.

 In some ways my hair has always been an annoyance; I have long, thick hair, which as I like to keep it very long, doesn't do much more than flat and straight, made even worse by the fact that wavy beachy hair is my all time favourite and most desired look.

 However, I have always loved the fact that, unlike a lot of girls I know, I have never needed to use heat to get straight hair and because of this I am quite proud to say I have healthy long hair. And when I was younger my hair was perfectly golden blonde but over the years its got darker. 

 For these reason I have always been terrified of dying my hair, desperate not to ruin it but always wishing for lighter more golden locks; and this weekend I took the plunge. I never wanted to end up platinum blonde, but just to go a few shades lighter and my mum suggested highlights.

We decided to us Preference glam highlights by l'oreal paris.

We decided to us Preference Glam Highlights by L'Oreal Paris. I don't have much experience with hair colours but this worked really well for me and its really easy to use as it comes with a special highlighting brush.

And here are the before and after shots!

( I admit I took these pre dying and post hair washing the day before, so I went for a shot of my hair colour excluding my freshly out of bed face :P )

I was really pleased with the results, admittedly at first I was terrified and I hated it but it very quickly grew on me and now I love it! 

Thank you for reading, I'd love to hear about your favourite and most desired looks or any of your hair dying tips or the future!

Love, Sorcha

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