Saturday, 13 September 2014

Norfolk Holiday!

For the last week my family and I have been on holiday in Norfolk. We had a lovely time and stayed in a beautiful old house.
We had a very relaxing week; we spent a lot of time just hanging out and enjoying the new surroundings.

Seals at Blakeney point

One day we went out on a seal trip. It’s really fun; you get to go out on a very sturdy boat and see lots of cute seals! They lounge around on the pebbles and some even swim right up to the boat. Luckily the weather was really nice, even if it does get a bit breezy out at sea!

Boating on The Broads

My Gran used to own a canal boat, which we all used to love spending holidays on, so this week we decided to rent a day boat and go for a day on the broads. The boat we rented was nothing special but we had a nice time bumbling along and mooring at pretty spots.

We saw lots of really gorgeous houses and boats along the way. As well as getting to feed the ducks and enjoy the nice weather.

I particularly liked this boat as it looks like a pirate ship, even the people on it looked a bit piratical.

We stopped at Ranworth Broad for lunch and ice creams. It was also a nice place to stretch our legs after a couple of hours of sitting down.

While we were there, a group of people arrived all on really old motorbikes that were all in amazing condition. Am I the only one who thinks motorbikes are gorgeous but would provably never dare to get on one?

So that was a few of the things we got up to in Norfolk.
I hope you enjoyed this post and i will talk to you next time.

Love, Sorcha


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