Tuesday, 9 June 2015

New Bag! | What's In My Bag | Spring 2015

I recently bought both a new bag and a new bag organiser. I love organisation and this was £3 so I went for it, I don't need it so much for my new bag but it's great for bigger bags which you can never find things in the bottom of. So with all these bag related newbies I decided to do a "what's in my bag", mainly because I love this type of wonderfully nosey post.

New Bag! | What's In My Bag | Spring 2015
 I got my new bag on Etsy. I have been looking for a new bag for months and months. I have this really cute bag but it's kind of small and fairly smart, so I wanted a casual every day summery bag which I could fit everything into.

I couldn't find any I liked because all the bags around at the moment are either too big/small or looked very smart and I'm a very casual dresser. I found some like this one on Etsy that I really liked but due to having real leather on them I couldn't afford it. Then this little wonder popped up! It's the perfect size, my kind of style, vegan leather and it didn't break the bank.

So, on to my essentials...

New Bag! | What's In My Bag | Spring 2015

Every Day Essentials

Bag organiser. Phone. Purse. Keys. Water bottle. Notebook and pen. Sunglasses. Umbrella.

I always Carry my Ipod, check out my playlist for keeping my spirits up.

Beauty Essentials

Hairbrush/mirror. Hand Cream. Blotting sheets. Lip balm. Mini perfume.

I normally also carry a mini dry shampoo and deoderant; Superdrug do a great 3 for £3 deal on travel minis.

Emergency Essentials

Plasters. Tissues. Time-of-the-month necessities  Hand Sanitiser  Hair bobbles. Hair grips. Nail file. Pain Killers. Safety pins.

I try and prepare for everything, although some might say I'm over prepared.

What do you carry in your bag? Am I missing any essentials? Let me know in the comments.

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading.

Love Sorcha

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