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My Essentials For The Ultimate Summer

When I started planning this post, I was just thinking about beauty products and clothing pieces; but then I realised that everything I look forward to in summer is also essential. So this list includes everything that I do, use or have fun with every year.

Sun cream - So that I'm slightly less likely to die from enjoying the sun. I love the smell of any of the Hawaiian Tropics products but for my face I'm currently using a soltan one. If like me you have quite oily skin, the Hawaiian tropics face one is great.

Lip Balm - I suck at picking out lipsticks, so lip balm is my go to. In the summer I always choose one with SPF. My favourites are Carmex and Nivea.

Nail Polish - As I tend to go especially make up free in the summer, my nail polish is my main source of beauty. And of course all my favourites for this time of year are bright and colourful.

Other favourites include blotting sheets, bronzer, a summer fragrance, feet moisturiser and gradual tanner.

Flip Flops - I'm one of those people who doesn't bother with shoes for most of the summer but sometimes they're necessary.  Mine are currently from havaianas but the best pair I ever had were really cheap from a beach shop so I'm not sure it matters with flip flops.

Sunglasses - I have difficulty finding clothes small enough for me anyway but sunglasses are the worst! So when I find a good pair they become one of my most precious possessions.

Hat - I like to keep the sun off my head sometimes so a stylish hat is great. I love the one pictured but I recently ordered a straw one as the felt can get a bit hot.

Shorts - You can get a tan while wearing them, they are cool and can be very stylish. What's not to love?

Check out my What's In My Bag post to find out what essentials I carry with me every day.

Music doesn't really need that much of an introduction now does it. So here is my summer soundtrack so far. Give it a listen and I hope you find something you enjoy.

There are lots of things that are so much nicer to do when it's hot and sunny. Here are a few of my favourites that I'm looking forward to.

Window shopping - A nice way to be both in and out of the sun. Catch up with friends while discovering new shops.

Beach days - It's simple; nothing really beats the beach.

A barbecue - sat outside with a bunch of people, relaxing and eating good sausages grilled and stuffed in a bun. Perfection.

Mini golf - Take a friend for some healthy and fun competition.

Edinburgh festival - I highly recommend you try this at least once. Nice weather, best city ever and lots of entertainment.

Go to the zoo - It won't be raining and majorly cute animals!

Outdoor Cinema  - Have a hunt around and see if there are any in your area; watching Dirty Dancing on a picnic blanket is awesome.

These books + movies can do two things. First of all they make me feel like it's summer and they're just great entertainment.

1. Camp Takota - The ladies who made this are amazing and it's set at summer camp with lots of sunshine. ohis film just makes you feel like you've spent a month by a lake, it's fab.

2. Mamma Mia - There's singing. There's Dancing. There's Julie Walters. It's super cheesy but brilliantly cheerful. You'll never want to go to a greek island more.

3. What's Your Number? - Chris Evans and Anna Farris, enough said. A fun and heart warming rom com. Definitely worth a watch.

Other Summer movies include: Easy A - Safe Haven - Dear John - Lords Of Dogtown - Chasing Mavericks - Soul Surfer - Just Go With It.

4. This Is What Happy Looks like - This may be a little young for some people, It's definitely a teenage book. But if you want something simple and easy to read, this fits the bill. Set in a town by sea, you'll feel like you live on the beach.

5. Various Sarah Dessen Books - Most of them are romantic books and set in the summer and a lot of them are set by the sea. They're easy reads, sometimes full of a good bit of Made-In-Chelsea style drama and generally good to sit in the sun with.

Everything gets slightly more delicious in summer, especially fruit! Wahoo! I love yummy things that I can take outside and sit in the sun enjoying. Here are my favourite recipes; some aren't summer specific but they're all very easy. 

Strawberry Lemonade -  this is basically my signature dish (although it's not really a dish more a glass). It's delicious, I promise.
Ginger Apricot parfait - Make this just for the fun of smashing ginger biscuits up.
Icy Fruit Slushies - A homemade slushy without the sugar, need I say more?
Cheesy Quesadillas - kinda like a light pizza :P

Download all the Recipes HERE.

I love reading lists of 'happy things', each one is like a little snap shot of loveliness. So here are my favourite little things from the sunshine season.

Colourful flowers
Eating outside
Icy drinks
Warm rain 
Walking in the ocean
Ice Lollies
Sunny mornings
Lazy cats
Air drying your hair
Warm sand
Walking barefoot
Summer dresses
Long car journeys
Discovering new places
Evening walks
Cloud spotting

Summers a great time to do DIYs. There aren't exactly any specific festive colours so you can do whatever you want and make all your instagrams look Pinterest worthy!

Friendship bracelets -  These are super cute. I love making them and I find them a really cute yet casual way to accessorise.

Paper Stars - Sometimes called lucky stars; these jars are a really cute way to decorate and making them is quite therapeutic.

Bow hair clips - You could make one of these in every colour and accessorise every outfit with a different bow? or just make one or two and win at hair decoration.

I hope you enjoyed this summer essentials post, it was a lot of fun to make. What are your summer essentials? Do you have any summer traditions or a summer soundtrack? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

Love Sorcha

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  1. Wow what a great thorough article! I love your Summer Recipes & Summer Playlist :)

    1. Thank you! I always think that no season needs a soundtrack quite like summer :P

  2. That is how I felt about the summer essential topic! Love how you touched it all!

    1. Thanks :) If I'd done just one topic it would have been a much shorter post :P I'm glad you liked it, thanks :)

  3. Oh my - you made those teeny tiny paper stars?! That's amazing. I like how your organized and styled your post.

  4. Hehe Yeah I love them :P I have quite a few jars of them in my room. Thank you! I'm really pleased with it and I worked really hard on it. I'm glad you liked it :)

  5. Perfect list! I agree with your summer essentials, I think that you did a great selection. xoxo :)

    xx Jamie| Love Peace and Shimmer


    1. Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it :)

  6. Totally trying the Strawberry Lemonade. Thanks for sharing your signature dish;)