Sunday, 5 April 2015

This Week #5

This week I was a bit unwell so I didn't  get around to doing much exciting. Plus the weather was pretty terrible which was very frustrating as the internet is currently filled with spring and sunshine!

So this week...

1. We'd have the occasional burst of sunshine every now and them so I took the opportunity to go out and photograph some of the few Daffodils that have bloomed.

2. I figured out how to make some pretty calendars and I was really pleased with myself. I've been printing off free ones for ages and now I'm using my own!

3. I did french at school but I'd like to be able to speak it better so I have signed up to Duolingo. It's a really great site with short but very useful lessons for you to do each day. 

4. I got some late birthday and christmas friends from my Aunt Ruth. I got a Jack Wills bracelet and perfume (which I'm going to need to source some more of, yum!) And a diary, which was brilliant as I'd been looking to buy one.

5. Our heating and hot water broke :( And it very nicely decided to break right before the bank holiday weekend so my skincare regimes have taken a bit of a hit.

6. Mother nature decided to be really mean this month, so on friday and most of saturday I ended up curled up by the fire finding and following loads of blogs.

7. I made rice crispy cakes for easter; which are absolutely delicious if I may say so my self ;) .

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you also had a good week. Did you get up to anything exciting? And how much chocolate did you get this easter?

Love Sorcha

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